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Vigorish Orca & Dolphin


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  • Vigorish Product
    Vigorish Orca
    Vigorish Dolphin
  • User Support
    English & Chinese Language
    Unlimited Users
  • Match Types
    All leagues
    (exclude cup)
    No limit number of matches
  • Game Types
    Pre-Game & In-Play
    Odds Type: HK, MY, ID
  • Bet Types
    All available main bet types
    All available addon bet types
    Up to 20 moneylines
  • Parameter Configuration
    Fully Automated
    AI Sports Expert System
    Automated Risk Control

Vigorish Subscription


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  • Profitability tunning
  • Version upgrade
  • 24/7 technical support
  • Definition file update

Vigorish Feed


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  • Automated Info Feed
  • Time: Full Time & Half Time
  • Game: Pre-Game & In-Play
  • Info: Score, RC, YC etc