The Industry

Sports betting in Asia are the highest money spinners in the world’s online gaming industry. Despite the apparent market dominance, many operators found themselves supported by current generation of bookmaker platforms that are based on dated technology and lack automation. Odds trading operation team forms the key pillar that determine the profitability of a company. Good domain knowledge, experience & understanding of risk management are the basis of a top trader. For many:

  • Effectiveness is inconsistent due to human concentration, long work hours, skills and emotion.

  • Odds are often derived based on intuition and experience; rather than accurate statistical analysis.

  • Require huge workforce team of traders to manage and monitor the live odds of various bet types and money lines in order to prevent arbitrage betting and suspicious betting pattern.

  • Over dependant on experienced traders create a huge sustainability gap when they replaced by new generations.

With the growing popularity of live betting (in-play), the sports betting landscape is fast changing and evolving to cater for more sports, creative bet types and multiple attractive money lines. Currently, high labour-intensive manual process has limited the current generation of operators from offering more live odds, bet types and money lines for in-play sports. And due to legacy betting platform, small & mid-size operators will find it even harder to compete and impossible to keep up with the bigger market players. Lack of automations mean new betting operators will need to manage an equally big odds trading team, and survive with the high operation cost on low revenue.

Vigorish Sports

Our Goal

Our goal is to create an evolution with the next generation odds management platform that will transform our customer from a manpower intensive company to a technology-oriented organization. Vigorish™ enables a fully integrated odds trading platform by converging a cutting-edge intelligence engine into client’s existing sportsbook system. Client’s success is our priority. Vigorish™ put great emphasis on quality of services, reliability, accuracy and speed. In this aspect, we continuously invest into research & development to constantly evolve and upgrade our product.

Vigorish Sports

Our Solution

We developed a unique and first-of-its-kind technology that revolutionizes sports betting operation process. Vigorish transforms a traditional labor-intensive sportsbook company into a world-class technology-oriented betting operator, all without increasing headcount and operation cost.

Vigorish helps company to:

  • Automate odds trading and eliminate human error.

  • Configure localized parameter and optimize profitability.

  • Transform process from odds trading to odds monitoring.

  • Establish knowledge-oriented enterprise corporate culture.

  • Ensure operational consistency during peak season and major sporting event.